About Trailblazer

The Trailblazer commercial charcoal BBQ range now consists of 7 upgraded models with 11 variations. Ranging from the 120 Alfresco, specifically designed as the ultimate commercial quality, home charcoal BBQ/Grill, right up to the 1200 FESTIVAL comfortably handling very large groups in excess of 1500 people. On top of that we are now offering the COFFEEMASTER range which is a fully autonomous mobile coffee shop!!!

Trailblazer’s unique cooking characteristics:

  • Immense heat, not achievable with gas
  • Huge cooking surface for up to 80 burgers at a time
  • Instantly controllable temperature from searing hot, to slow cooking.
  • Never again will you be fighting off the flames and burning those burgers or waiting all day with a gas BBQ when the wind picks up!
  • All stainless steel on internal surfaces
  • Full galvanised then powder coated exterior
  • Angle adjustment for unlevelled ground
  • Gull wing doors to close off the BBQ, and with the 350 Club, 600s and 1200 Festival provide protection from the weather
  • Adjustable top vent, releasing smoke
  • Easy clean out and disposal of ash

NCASS members Feast discuss their Trailblazer

Watch as Leigh talks about Feast, UK street food and cooking on Trailblazer BBQ


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