Scotland restrictions easing

Nicola Sturgeon announced on Tuesday (9.03.21) that lockdown restrictions in Scotland can begin to ease.

What are the changes?

As of Friday 12th March 2021, up to four adults from up to two households can meet outdoors for social and recreational purposes. 12 to 17-year-old can meet outdoors with a maximum of four people, but the two-household limit won’t apply.

Nicola Sturgeon said: “The first set of changes relates to outdoor¬†social interactions. We realise that meeting up even outdoors, even in Scotland, can be hugely beneficial for their wellbeing.

“So, from Friday we intend to relax the law, so that up to four adults from up to two households will be able to meet outdoors. And in addition, we will make clear in the guidance that this will allow for social and recreational purposes, as well as essential exercise.

“Meeting will be possible in any outdoor space, including private gardens, but please do stick to the new rules gatherings must be a maximum of four people from two households and you should only go indoors if that is essential in order to reach a back garden or to use a toilet.

Greater flexibility when it comes to outdoor sports was also revealed during the briefing, with adults in groups of up to 15 people given the go ahead for outdoor non-contact sports and organised group exercise. Places of worship will also be able to open from 26th March, with the limit on attendance increased to 50 people with social distancing.

The next update on easing lockdown restrictions in Scotland will come next week. We will provide more details as and when they are announced.

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