Scottish hospitality heads petition for change to immigration system

During an Economy and Fair Work Committee session discussing the recovering of the hospitality sector, Leon Thompson, executive director at UK Hospitality Scotland criticised the UK’s immigration system, claiming:

“We do need to look at our immigration system, we haven’t got one that’s fit for purpose post-Brexit, we really need the UK Government to look urgently at that; creating additional routes to come and work in the UK and Scotland.”

In its current state, Thompson said the hospitality industry is dealing with huge labour shortages in the sector.

The committee also heard from Marc Crothall, chief executive at the Scottish Tourism Alliance (STA), and Stephen Montgomery, spokesman for the Scottish Hospitality Group.

Crothall argued that the UK needed a “better visa system” to encourage more “freedom of movement” and bring in more talent.

He said that the governments, teachers, and even parents, need to start conveying a positive message about the hospitality sector to encourage young people into the sector, arguing it is “everyone’s business”.

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