So, Let’s Talk – Mental Health in Hospitality

Boiling Point, the newly released indie film starring Stephen Graham, has once again brought the issue of mental health in the hospitality industry, to the forefront. As such, we were encouraged by a new initiative, ‘So, Let’s Talk’, curated by Patrick Howley, a General Manager within the industry, turned mental health campaigner.

Howley knows all too well the intensity and lack of work-life balance that can be characteristic of hospitality; and following a downward trajectory in his mental health which culminated in him suffering with suicidal ideation, he set up So, Let’s Talk.

The business now runs workshops for those still working within the hospitality industry on everything from financial wellbeing to good nutrition and sleep skills; with Patrick, and many others having spoken about the difficulties they’ve experienced with sleep, following 14/15-hour shifts fuelled by adrenaline and little else.

There’s no doubt that poor mental health has been a direct outcome of the pandemic for many people; particularly for those whose health, families and livelihoods have been directly impacted by Covid-19. Whilst charities and organisations such as The Samaritans and Mind exist to help those of us struggling with our mental health, it’s high time that the hospitality industry had access to appropriate, constructive support such as that from So, Let’s Talk and we applaud Patrick and his team for creating such a vital service.

To find out more about So, Let’s Talk and their workshops, head to their website or join the conversation on  Instagram

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