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Big Synk

A highly portable, large capacity, powered washing system


25 litres

No of Washes?

up to 125


230v mains

Free Standing?

Wall mountable?

Auto Sensor?


The TEAL BigSynk® is a highly portable mobile hot water hand and arm wash unit and its now hands free!’ The Bluesensor automatically initiates a hygienic wash, whilst removing the risk of re-infection that is posed by dirty taps.

The rugged and dependable BigSynk is a completely self-contained unit, needing no plumbing or drainage connections. It’s equal to any hand and arm wash requirements, being capable of delivering up to 125 ten second hot washes. The BigSynk has two 25 litre water containers, both clearly marked – one for fresh water and one for waste.


The BigSynk® is easy to move or relocate; its fold-away stand being lightweight yet rugged and easily carried straight to where hand washing is needed. It can even be used on an existing worktop.  And of course it can be sited wherever it is required, needing no plumbing or waste water connection – just a 13 amp socket.


BigSynk handwash unit for caterers

NCASS Price =

£639.99 free standing exc VAT. 

£766.80 inc VAT

£679.99 with stand exc VAT

£815.99 inc VAT

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Additional Information





Height (body)

330mm with swan neck removed

Height (overall)

1150mm with legs and taps in place



Power supply

230V mains

Mounting options

Floor standing

Washes per fill

125 washes

Available to hire


Automatic sensor