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The Nationwide Caterers Association

The Nationwide Caterers Association

Due Diligence System
for Fixed Site Catering

Incorporating a Food Safety Management System


The NCASS Due Diligence System for Fixed Site Caterers (Pubs, Restaurants, Takeaways, Cafes) is a comprehensive system covering everything that you need to operate your Catering business legally. 

Do I need a Due Diligence System?


Caterers need a Due Diligence System for several reasons:


  1. It is a legal requirement to have a Food Hygiene Management System (FHMS) in place. A good Due Diligence System will include a FHMS, as Food Safety is only 50% of the issue.

  2. The NCASS Due Diligence System includes dozens of polices and procedures that are also legal requirements including Health & Safety and Fire Safety. 

  3. It can be your only line of defence in the event of prosecution. 

Consequently, it is essential that your Due Diligence System is relevant to your business.

You need to keep a Due Diligence System to outline and record the policies, procedures  & relevant actions that you have taken in order to keep your staff and customers safe

What does the NCASS Due Diligence System contain?

The NCASS Fixed Site Due Diligence system contains the following topic areas:

  • Code of Practice for Fixed Site Caterers

  • Daily Recording Diary

  • Cleaning - Schedule, Plan, COSHH Flowchart & Risk Assessment

  • Complaints - Procedures, Registers & Disclaimers

  • Training - Requirements, Essentials & Register

  • Pest Control - Policy & Register

  • First Aid & Accident - Policy, Register, Medical Questionnaire & Return to Work Document

  • Vehicles - Driver, Vehicle & Equipment Records

  • Health & Safety - Policies, Risk Assessment

  • Other Policies - Drugs, Smoking, Alcohol, Safeguarding, Allergies, Glass, Glove, Personal Hygiene

  • Fire, Risk Assessments - for Trailers, Motorised Units, Marquees & Tents, Electric Carts, BBQs, Hog Roast & Wood Fired Pizza


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Did you know that...

...the NCASS Due Diligence System has been inspected and approved by Cherwell District Council?

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