The Future is (Bright) Green

Building back greener is an initiative high on everyone’s agenda, but what does that really mean for our food-service and hospitality industries? BioPak, a leading sustainable packaging brand, work with a huge variety of food-service vendors, from pop-ups and food trucks to restaurants and cafés, and everything in between; vendors who inspire and lead the way when it comes to sustainability, every day.

5 Sustainable Foodservice Solutions

What better way to building back greener than to be inspired by fellow industry leaders? Here are 5 sustainable solutions to get you started…

Think Outside The Box

Actually, ditch the box, we’re thinking circular. Adopting a circular economy means taking full responsibility for the life cycle of products, including your menu. Sound like a lot of work? Well luckily this approach is tried and tested by the likes of QSR, The Vurger Co, and Lebanese street food pop-up, Atiyah – and it works. Adopting compostable packaging solutions means you can reduce your waste to landfill by composting your food packaging and food waste, together. Looking for a compost service? Try The Compost Network at

Introduce an Eco-Menu

Forward-thinking BioPak customers are giving plant-based a bigger voice on their menu’s, take VeganBurg, a fully vegan burger joint, reducing their carbon footprint significantly – but it needn’t be that extreme. Restaurants are turning to locally sourced and organic produce, with much lower food mileage than imported goods. Choosing organic foods can also reduce fertilisers used, supporting soil health. Healthy soils sequester carbon from the atmosphere, so eating organic has benefits that go well beyond the plate!

Think People, Planet & Profit

Sustainability is about using the power of business to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. Look to the likes of BrewDog and Pablo & Rusty’s for inspiration, both are certified B Corporations and believe in profit for purpose. The food-service industry has long been the pillar of communities, bringing people together and giving back, but aligning with certification bodies, such as B Corp, is a great way to demonstrate your commitment. Want to know more about becoming a B-Corp? Check out

Reduce Plastic Dependencies

Plastic is convenient. Massive amounts are used and thrown away, especially as single-use plastic items have become part of our daily lives. It is estimated that every minute, one garbage truck of plastic is dumped into our oceans – The reality is, plastic causes problems at every stage of its life cycle. Passionate about sustainable solutions? We suggest a plastic ‘risk assessment’, so you can review where in your business you are using plastics, and what the risk vs. benefit of removing or replacing them would be.

Choose Carbon Neutral

BioPak design for the circular economy, creating compostable food packaging from plant-based and sustainably sourced materials. Their product range is 100% carbon neutral, which means they have offset the carbon emissions involved in the production and transportation of their product range. Choosing brands that measure and offset the impact of their product range, means you are choosing a company that takes accountability and want to create a better tomorrow.

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