The Local Government Association (LGA) releases new event guidance

LGA issue new guidance for events industry

The LGA work to support Local Authorities across the country and 335 of the 339 councils (Local Authorities) in England are members of their organisation. They are a politically-led, cross-party organisation that works on behalf of councils to ensure local government has a strong, credible voice with national government – they advise and give Local Authorities advice.

Throughout the Covid-19 crisis, the LGA have issued guidance to councils to support them in enabling Government direction to be delivered in their localities. As you know, NCASS works with many Government departments to give our sector a voice and has had guidance published via the LGA such as Covid-19: Mobile Caterers & Street Trading.

This week, you will have seen that the events & festival sector came together for Light It In Red #We Make Events, associations, businesses, event professionals and organisations are working hard to highlight the support that is needed to ensure the events sector survives the Covid-19 Crisis – we are working with them to raise its profile and will be reporting back on progress as this develops. With so many different Local Authorities taking different view points on events at this time, the LGA has released new guidance to support event organisers & councils taking a pragmatic approach on organising and delivering events.

There is huge frustration in the events industry around the range of approaches being taken by councils up and down the country and that the right people are in post to support the re-emergence of events. The LGA state that “We know that there has been some uncertainty about the extent to which outdoor events, particularly large events, are currently permitted to take place, with both councils and business organisations raising this issue with the LGA.

“We also know of concerns among councils at the prospect of festival type or very large events being organised in their areas. These notes are intended to bring together relevant guidance on this, given the different regimes that apply and sectors that are affected, and set out what we understand to be Government’s overall approach towards events”

You can read the latest guidance here.

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