The PM’s Statement 12/10/20

Government Update

Article update – New guidance released this evening 12/10/20 can be found here

Today’s statement from the PM saw a summary of why further restrictions have been put in place. Although it was said that the virus is not spreading as quickly as it did in March, the current national R rate is between 1.2 and 1.5.

The PM said that he did not want to go back to a national lock down and in order to keep the R rate down whilst keeping schools and the economy open there is now a move to a nationwide tiered approach. The local lockdown approach has become complex and difficult to understand hence the now, tiered approach. To give you an overview of the system, please see the overview and links below:

‘What is the ‘three-tier, traffic light’ system?

Local lockdowns are to be automatically triggered by a three-tier “traffic light” system, with alerts sent directly to people’s mobile phones. The planned new approach divides the country into different areas based on local infection rates, which will dictate the severity of local lockdowns.

It will work alongside the NHS Test and Trace app, where people scan a special QR code to enter and exit pubs, restaurants and bars. The app will send a message to the user about lockdown conditions when the coronavirus risk profile changes.

In England, there are currently zero areas in the UK that are considered low risk by the new app.

England will be divided into one of three tiers, each of which will have predetermined restrictions.

Tier one is likely to see people expected to follow the rule of six and maintain social distancing.

Tier two could ban households from mixing in homes, gardens, pubs, bars or restaurants.

Tier three could see people ordered not to have any social contact with anyone outside their household together with the expected closures of pubs, bars and restaurants.

Boris Johnson is still yet to decide whether to include hairdressers and leisure businesses in the top tier. Hotels could also be excluded from this group.

There are claims in Whitehall that the different curfew times could apply to the different tiers. One source said that in the lower tiers the curfew could be 11pm rather than the blanket 10pm.

At present and from the information has has been released, Merseyside Liverpool City Region will be in tier 3 or very high alert from Wednesday, Birmingham will be in tier 2, Manchester will be in tier 2, the north west, north east, Yorkshire and Humber are continuing negotiations with the Government, the devolved nations are in continuing discussions and Local Authorities are being asked to work together with the Government. The new proposed regulations will be made today, debated and voted on tomorrow and come in to play on Wednesday.

For us, getting a clear picture of what this all means for the hospitality industry is vital, today’s statement didn’t add to or clarify much of what has already been leaked to the press in the past week but rest assured we will be working for you to ensure that our sector has as much information as possible on what is to come, how to adapt and the support that will become available from the addition £1b that is being given to local authorities across the country in light of further restrictions.

We are very concerned that there has been no mention of additional support for tier 2 especially and will be taking this to Government as well the fact that, again, there has been no mention of support for the events sector. 

This article will be updated regularly as an when more information is released.

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