Yikouchi at Chancer’s Café declared ‘an utter joy’


NCASS member Yikouchi at Chancer’s Café, has received a well-deserved, glowing review from citric Jay Rayner. Nestled in Stirchley, Birmingham, Yikouchi comes to life during Wednesday to Friday lunchtimes and Friday evenings. The short menu, consisting of various Chinese dishes such as tiger salad and fried chicken, impressed Rayner with its “bold […] rough around the edges and all the more beguiling” flavour.

“Yikouchi in Birmingham is a love letter. It is a sweet account of a young English couple’s interesting journey through life so far, served up one clamorous dish at a time.”

Owners James Kirk-Gould and his partner Cassie spent 6 years in Beijing, teaching English and exploring the local cuisine. Their love for the diverse cooking that they encountered, travelled with them to Paris and London before settling in Birmingham. Since settling, they have succeeded in bringing their expertise and creativity for both Chinese cuisine and a delectable variety of sweet treats to the Second City.

Congratulations to Yikouchi for the wonderful review!

You can read the full review here and keep up with what our other members are up to here.

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