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Allergen Information Sheet NCASS

Instructions & Download

The Allergen Matrix is a really useful document to track and manage food allergens in the food items produced.  It can be used to provide allergen information to customers and to demonstrate that the identification of food allergens has taken place.  Its important that it is regularly checked and kept up to date. 


Use the button below to download the Allergen Matrix in PDF form. 

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Complete & Print

List the dishes/menu items in the left hand column.   If the dish contains the allergen put a tick in the ‘contains allergen’ box, if the dish may contain traces of the allergen put a ‘m’ in the may contain box.

You can edit this pdf on your computer or print it out and fill it in by hand

Add to your Safety Management System

Once completed keep them in yourNCASS Safety Management System. Remember to update them every time the dish or your menu changes.

Important! Your changes will not be saved if you edit this document in your browser.  Please download it onto your computer, then make any edits to that copy.