Who is this course for?

The Level 2 Food Hygiene course is ideal for all staff who prepare of handle open foods. Staff must complete this course within 3 months of starting work.

Our level 2 hygiene training


Exceeds all UK & EU requirements


Includes a laminated certificate


Is accepted by all local authorities


Saves your progress as you go

Level 2 Food Hygiene Training

The most highly accredited online Level 2 food hygiene and food safety certificate available.

This course has been created by the Nationwide Caterers Association, audited by The Royal Brough of Greenwich and accredited by City & Guilds.


Level 2 food hygiene is the intermediate and most popular hygiene training course among caterers. While level 1 training suffices only for staff who do not handle food, and level 3 is suitable for managers and supervisors, level 2 food hygiene training is appropriate for most food handling staff within a catering business.

Do you need this hygiene training?

It’s a legal requirement that you are able to prove that you and your staff are adequately trained to do your job. For staff who handle open foods, the safest way to do this is to complete a level 2 food hygiene training course with NCASS.

Our course has been written, designed and approved by experts and it’s the most respected online level 2 course available.

We work with over 250 local authorities, more than 450 environmental health officers and other authorities on all aspects of the industry.

As a result, EHOs love to see our food hygiene certificates and choosing to train with the Nationwide Caterers Association sends a positive message about your professionalism.

Upon completion of the course, and passing the test, you’ll receive a high quality laminated food hygiene certificate that contains a security hologram and a unique serial number that can be traced to your training portfolio.

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