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At NCASS we produce a variety of publications which regularly reach our thousands of members. We’ve outlined the ones that you’d probably find most helpful in promoting your business, product or service below if you are a supplier or would like to partner with us. is our primary website. We get thousands of hits every day and provide a wealth of information for anyone in the catering industry. It’s a pretty unique advertising platform; one that you could grow to cherish.

The genuine, honest advice that we offer to our users and members mean that people really trust what we have to say. And if we really believe in your product or service, it’s likely that they will too.

Advertising is possible in various areas of our site, subject to approval of course.

Members Magazine

Our members magazine aims to bring together our community of caterers and inspire them to make their food businesses reach their potential. By being the most informative publication for independent food & drink businesses, the NCASS members magazines gives our members direction in taking their businesses to the next level safely, profitably and wholly legally. And you can be part of it when you place an advert or would like to feature your products or story. 

Solus emails

We’re proud to say that over the years we’ve developed a list of more than 20,000 email subscribers, with great open and click rates to boot.

We have to warn you, we’re very picky about what we’ll send out but it is possible to do it, if your product or service fits the bill.

Did you know?

At NCASS we offer supplier memberships to companies that provide products or services that will truly benefit our caterers. There are lots of great features of supplier membership, including magazine listings, discounted advertising, social media support, newsletter inclusion, use of our ‘approved supplier’ logo and lots more…

If you’d like to discuss your options, give Roxy or Demi a call on 0300 124 6866 or email [email protected] and [email protected]