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Create custom checks to suit your business.

Customise your management system by setting up specific instructions or steps for staff to follow.

Digital Safety Management System Image

Use the system whether you’re on or offline.

Our system is always on – even when you’re trading where the Wi-Fi or mobile data service is unreliable, you can still access the DSMS.

Digital Safety Management System Image

Upload photos and attachments with ease.

A photo captures a lot of information in one go which means less time spent on inputting details in words. You can add evidence of checks, or the actions taken to remedy a matter to support your due diligence with this useful feature.

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Dynamic documents.

You won’t need to download and print endless Allergen Matrix documents every time you change your menu anymore. Your Allergen Matrix can be updated with just a few clicks and shared on screen with consumers and regulators.

Digital Safety Management System Image

Set permissions.

You can set user level and permissions as you need so the right people have access to what you want them, giving you control and peace of mind. P.S. our system allows more than one member of your team to work on the same records at the same time making efficiency easier.

Digital Safety Management System Image

If in doubt.

Your NCASS Compliance Manual (which contains everything you need to know about food safety) is included in the DSMS. What’s more, there is a handy built-in search function so if you need to check something safety related, you can use the DSMS to do this, safe in the knowledge that it’s assured advice and guidance from the experts at NCASS.

Check out our Digital SMS frequently asked questions 

If you’re not an NCASS member and you are interested in hearing more about the DSMS could support you, give our friendly team a call on or request a call back and we’ll get in touch.