Who is this course for?

The Level 1 Food Hygiene course is ideal for temporary or part time staff who do not handle open food and are under continuous supervision.

Our level 1 hygiene training


Exceeds all UK & EU requirements


Includes a laminated certificate


Is accepted by all local authorities


Is the only triple accredited course online


Saves your progress as you go

Level 1 Food Hygiene Training

The most highly accredited Level 1 food safety and food hygiene training course you can buy.

This course has been created by the Nationwide Caterers Association, audited by Milton Keynes Council and accredited by City & Guilds.

This basic food hygiene course is ideal for part time staff who do not handle food at any time. If all of your members of staff handle food during your business’s processes, take a look at the level 2 and level 3 food hygiene courses we offer.

The NCASS Level 1 Food Hygiene & Safety course has been createdinspected and accredited by experts. It’s the most respected online level 1 course a caterer can take.

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Course details

Aim of the course

To develop knowledge of the principles of food hygiene and to train staff members or sole traders to the nationally-required safety level.

Topics covered

Temperature control, food poisoning, personal health & hygiene, cross contamination, food storage, waste disposal, pest control & more.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of best food hygiene practices in a catering environment.

Assessment criteria

20 multiple choice questions on a 20 minute timer. The pass mark is 15/20 (75%). Remember, there’s no limit on re-takes.

Course delivery method

The course is delivered online via our custom built training system. An internet connection is required for all NCASS Training courses.


Upon completion of Level 2 Hygiene training you’ll receive a personalised A4 certificate – laminated to withstand catering environments and dispatched on the next working day. Certificates contain a security orcement officers and members of the public that you’ve gone the extra mile to get properly trained fhologram and your unique certificate number.

It’s valid for 3 years and shows enforcement officers and members of the public that you’ve gone the extra mile to get properly trained for the job.

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