Demonstrate your expertise and high-level food hygiene standards to environmental health officers.

NCASS hygiene and safety training courses are created, inspected and accredited by industry experts and Greenwich Borough Council on behalf of Government and our Primary Authority Partnership. They’re the most respected online food hygiene training courses an independent food or drink business can take. 

As you might expect, the Nationwide Caterers Association really knows the industry. We’ll teach you exactly what you need to know so you and your staff can work safely and hygienically.

And the best bit? The sight of an NCASS Training certificate in your catering outlet will put a smile on your environmental health officer’s face. And that’s good news for your hygiene rating.

Online Food Hygiene Training: 

Level 1 Food Hygiene Training


Level 1 food hygiene training is suitable for temporary or part-time staff who do not handle open food and are under continuous supervision.

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Level 2 Food Hygiene Training


Level 2 food hygiene training is suitable for any member of staff who prepares or handles open foods.


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Level 3 Food Hygiene Training


Level 3 food hygiene training is the standard level of training for all catering business owners and supervisors.


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Allergen Awareness 


The course is up to date with all current allergen legislation and can be completed online. Attempts are unlimited, allowing you to be confident that you have fully understood the content.

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Other Training Courses:

Sustainability Training

This online sustainability training course has been developed in partnership with the Sustainable Restaurant Association to help you save the planet while you cook.

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Starting a Street Food Business

This online street food training course is for anyone who’s serious about succeeding on the street food scene. Learn everything you need to know to start up and make money year on year.

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Health & Safety Courses


NCASS offers a number of health and safety training courses to help you make your catering environment the safest it can be. Click on a course below for more information.

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