Catering Trailer Insurance

In the event of an unexpected setback, our goal is to ensure you can keep serving your valued customers. Should your mobile catering trailer suffer theft or damage, you could find yourself in a challenging situation.

Avoid facing substantial expense by getting the right cover for your business.

What does your catering trailer insurance cover?

Trailer policies are arranged to cover your trailer and its fixtures and fittings under the following:

  1. Accidents whilst towing a trailer
  2. Malicious damage
  3. Fire & Theft 

What level of cover should you get for catering trailer?

Get your insurance protection 100% right with expert advice

Every time you talk to NCASS you get tailored catering trailer insurance advice from experts. We’ve been working in the sector since the 80’s and we know exactly what your business needs, and what it doesn’t,

Many insurers won’t walk you through exactly which policies and covers you need for your catering trailer, and you’ll end up paying for it later. That doesn’t happen at here.

Additional Insurance Benefits


Individual underwriting


Exclusive discount for NCASS members


Extra discounts for additional security


Instant quotations

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