Legal & Compliance

Running an independent business successfully means that as well as having a brand that stands out and, of course, an offering your customers love, you must be working safely and within the law. Our expert guides will take you through all things legal and compliance in a straight forward way.

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Featured Legal & Compliance Content

Covid-19 Compliance Resources

It’s essential that you are taking the right precautions to keep yourself, staff and customers safe.

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Allergen HUB

Find out everything there is to know about allergens.

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Hygiene Inspection Checklist

What you need for a hygiene inspection and what to expect.

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Starting up & running your business 

Whether you’re starting up or just need a quick refresher, our handy guides will take you through everything from getting started in Street Food to running a mobile bar, running costs, how to find work and everything in-between.

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Featured Starting Up Content

Starting a Catering Business in Tough Times

“Everyone needs to eat. Even in the midst of a pandemic or recession”

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How much does it cost to start a catering business

How much does it cost?

How far will your budget go?

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Starting a catering van business

Starting a Catering Van Business

A great option if manoeuvrability is an important factor.

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