Who is this course for?

Managers and supervisors of catering businesses, who should be responsible for maintaining HACCP principles.

What is HACCP?

Get trained in Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points

Did you know it’s a legal requirement to operate a food safety management system based on HACCP principles? Created by The Nationwide Caterers Association, inspected by The Royal Borough of Greenwich Council and accredited by City & Guilds, this course tells you everything you need to know.

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) training is legally required for all supervisors and managers within the catering industry. As a supervisor or manager it’s your responsibility to properly maintain food safety and to decrease any potential risks and hazards.

Handling food the wrong way can have devastating effects on a food business, causing food poisoning and potentially loss of profits. And if your food safety management system hasn’t been based on HACCP principles, you could face a massive fine on top.

While handling health and safety is a daunting prospect for food business managers and supervisors, it needn’t be with NCASS Training. With this course you and your team will have access to expert industry resources so that you can make your food business as safe and possible.

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Course details

Aim of the course

To develop knowledge of the the HACCP system and to understand how to put it into practice effectively in your food business. 

Assessment criteria

20 multiple choice questions on a 20 minute timer. The pass mark is15/20 (75%). Remember, there’s no limit on re-takes.

Course delivery method

The course is delivered online via our custom built training system. An internet connection is required for all NCASS Training courses.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course students will have thorough understanding of what HACCP is.

Topics covered

Risk analysis, potential hazards, identification, appropriate measures, corrective actions & more.


Upon completion of HACCP training you’ll receive a personalised A4 certificate – laminated to with stand catering environments and dispatched on the next working day. Certificates contain a security hologram and your unique certificate number.

It’s valid for 3 years and shows enforcement officers and members of the public that you’ve gone the extra mile to get a certification that really means something.