Don’t take risks with your insurance.

Not only is insurance a legal obligation for your business, it also protects you should the worst happen.

Loss, theft and damage are three nasty things which can be devastating to any catering business that isn’t properly insured. When you’re self-employed, your business means everything to you: it’s your entire livelihood. That’s why it’s crucial that you are insured with adequate protection covers. You need to know that if times ever get tricky, it’s not curtains for your catering business.

Catering Insurance

Mobile Catering Insurance

Insurance policies and cover specifically tailored to protecting your mobile catering business from everyday trading risks. Food vans, catering trailers, gazebos and more.

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Catering Insurance

Catering Business Insurance

Insurance policies and cover specifically tailored to protecting restaurants, takeaways, hotels, guest houses, B&B’s, pubs, cafes, sandwich shops and more from everyday trading risks. 

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Popular Insurance Policies

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance for your catering business. 

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Food Van Insurance

Make sure you’ve got the right cover in place for your food van.

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Trailer Insurance

Catering insurance that covers your food trailer.

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