Hospitality Action

Our charity partner

NCASS’ chosen charity is Hospitality Action, a vital charity providing hospitality workers with advice and support whenever times get tough. Founded in 1837, the charity supports hospitality workers across varying sectors with anything from physical or mental health issues, through to family problems and addiction.

“Hospitality Action has been a vital lifeline to so many sector workers over the years, even more so in recent times with the heavy mental and financial toll that the increased energy costs and food prices has continued to have on so many struggling businesses and the individuals who work in them. We’re proud to be partnering with the charity and are very much looking forward to lending our support to ensure that all hospitality workers facing tough times get the crucial support they need to get back on track.”


The charity is there to give people who work in or run hospitality businesses help, advice and support with the challenge they face, this is why we chose them as our charity partner.

From physical illness or mental health issues to financial difficulty, family problems to addiction – Hospitality Action is there to get you back on your feet again.

The surge in demand for their help which started in March 2020 continues to intensify as thousands of hospitality business and their employees struggle to cope with the ongoing cost of living crisis. The rising costs of accommodation, food and fuel are placing more hospitality families in danger of homelessness, and many businesses are at risk of failure, putting thousands of jobs in jeopardy.

hospitality action
hospitality action walk for wellbeing
hospitality action walk for wellbeing

Hospitality Action has consistently innovated to deliver financial and mental health support alongside advice and signposting to people facing poverty, homelessness, and deteriorating mental health.

Since March 2020, Hospitality Action has answered tens of thousands of calls to our 24-hour free helplines and assisted over 12,000 hospitality households by awarding in excess of £4,000,000 in grants.

They pride themselves on offering highly personalised and empathetic service to our beneficiaries, who are often dealing with unimaginable hardship.

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