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COVID-19 Compliance Statement

This document, once signed, confirms that you have carried out and comply with the Special Measures Policy, plus the procedures outlined within. It covers Infection, isolation and deep cleaning, Responsible Persons, Social Distancing, Training, Packaging, Payments, PPE and more.

This document is part of NCASS’s COVID-19 Safety Certification.

Scroll down to download and for accompanying instructions.

Instructions & Download

Download the document, read and sign it in order to confirm your compliance.

Then print and insert in to your Due Diligence folder and have it stored close to hand in your unit when trading. We also recommend uploading it to your membership dashboard (how to guide below).

Important! Your changes will not be saved if you edit this document in your browser.  Please download it onto your computer, then make any edits to that copy.

Download Document

How to upload to your membership dashboard

1. Log in to your control panel


(Opens in new tab)

2. Navigate to "Company Documents"

(Click/Tap image to enlarge)

3. Click "upload" next to the relevant document heading, upload your document & save

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