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CV19 Risk Assessment


An updated risk assessment for Non-Food Borne Viruses (e.g CV19) to include in your NCASS Safety Management System. It identifies additional hazards specific to CV19 and the appropriate Controls, Monitoring Procedures and Corrective Action.

This document is part of NCASS’s COVID-19 Safety Certification.

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Instructions & Download

Download the document, read and ensure you implement it when trading. Print and insert in to your Due Diligence folder and have it stored close to hand in your unit when trading. We also recommend uploading it to your membership dashboard (see how to guide below).

Important! Your changes will not be saved if you edit this document in your browser.  Please download it onto your computer, then make any edits to that copy.

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Supporting Video

Assessing Risk in the Time of Covid-19 (Members Only)

Mark Laurie was joined by Jenny Morris (MBE) to talk our members through risk assessments; outlining the essential work that you’ll need to carry out in order to demonstrate to local authorities and EHO’s that you are operating safely during Covid-19.

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