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Booker and Makro make the perfect partners for NCASS. With over 200 branches throughout the UK, a huge range of stock and online ordering with free delivery, they have so much to offer our members.

As part of the partnership between NCASS and Booker, all NCASS members can now earn a rebate on orders from Booker and Makro. That’s up to 3% cashback when you spend at Booker Wholesale or Makro*.

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Booker/Makro have launched a 3% cashback voucher scheme to spend with them when you shop for your business at Tesco.  

This is a Booker / Makro scheme and is not connected to the NCASS scheme – if you have any questions please get in touch with your local Booker/Makro

Booker Makro Cashback FAQs

What do I earn cashback on?

You earn cashback on any goods bought at Booker or/and Makro in branch other than tobacco products, stamps, phone cards & VAT, provided you reach the target spend levels.

When do I start earning cashback?

You start earning cashback once you have spent more than £1500exc VAT in any 6 month period, then you will earn cashback for the total amount spent during that period including the £150.

How much cashback will I earn?

If you spend between £1500 and £10,000 in any of the 6 month periods then you will earn 2% cashback on everything you spend (excluding tobacco products, stamps, phone cards & VAT ). If you spend over £10,000 in any of the 6 month periods you will earn 3% cashback on everything you spend (excluding tobacco products, stamps, phone cards & VAT). 

That means, if you were to spend £15,000 over six months in Booker or Makro (and let’s face it, it’s not that difficult to do that as a caterer!), you would receive £450 cashback. Just for being an NCASS member.

What are the 6 month periods that I earn in?
The Booker cashback period run every 6 months between as per the following:

H1-20: Saturday 29th February 2020 to Friday 28th August 2020

H2-20: Saturday 29st August to Friday 26th February 2021

Payments will be available 3-4 weeks after the end of the period

Do I earn cashback for spend in any Booker or Makro branch?

Yes – whatever you spend in any Booker or Makro branch around the UK will earn you cashback.

What happens if my membership of NCASS lapses during any period?

If your membership of NCASS lapses and you do not renew then you will be taken off the scheme. You would get paid the amount of cashback that you have earnt during the time that you were an NCASS member when payment is due for that period.

Can anyone sign up to the scheme?

As long as you’re an NCASS member, then yes! If you’re not yet part of the NCASS family, check out what’s involved here.

I’m a Makro Gold Card customer – can I be part of both schemes?

You cannot be a Gold Card customer and on the NCASS scheme. You can choose which one you would like to be part of. If in doubt then speak to your local Branch Area Manager.

How will I get paid the cashback?

Go to your home branch and the voucher for your cashback will be waiting for you. You can then convert this into cash! Simply go to store and ask for your NCASS rebate at reception.

Do I need to be an NCASS member to be part of the scheme?

Yes. Only a member of NCASS can be on the scheme. Proof of membership may be asked for.

Can I change my home branch?
  1. Yes – speak to your local Area Manager
Are new and existing Booker or Makro customers eligible?

Yes – both new & existing Booker or Makro customers can be part of the scheme but you must sign up for it. You will be put in the scheme as long as you’re an NCASS member and earn only when you exceed the spend criteria.

I’ve just spent some money at Booker – can I get this spend added onto the scheme?

When you sign up to the scheme you will get your cashback backdated to the beginning of the period that you are in, as long as you are an NCASS member


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Here are systems in place to keep you safe while shopping in Booker or Makro.

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