The Treat Truck

We have reluctantly decided to sell our fully converted Optare Solo bus and that’s just the beginning. Lovingly restored and converted into the UK’s only Ben and Jerry’s mobile scoop shop. We have put the fun into ice-cream and desserts for both adults and children. The bus is brightly coloured and vinyl wrapped both inside and out, it has seating at the rear for upto 16 people, where guests sit on grass hills at tables made from sweets. Customers can top their own ice-creams at a self service topping station also. We will include all equipment with the truck, this includes a scooping freezer, double sliding door fridge, hot sauce dispenser, microwave, heated sink, scoops and serving tools, garden furniture including roll out Astro turf, picket fences, tables and chairs, topping dispensers. Also included in the sale is the website and graphics, phone number, trailer with 3 chest freezers to store extra icecream for events. The bus was finished in March 2019 and had a fantastic first years trade, we have all contacts for events which were booked for this year and most have been rebooked for next year. Our bus is built in such a way for easy use, and we have a 5 star food hygiene for it We have contacts within every supplier that has provided us with ice-cream, merchandise, disposables, confectionary. Seeing is believing so please look at our website

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Miss. Hayley Cooper

Tel. 03334442312


Location: Lichfield

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