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Your level 5 food hygiene rating

How to achieve a level 5 and what to do once you've got it.

As an NCASS member, you should be striving to gain a level 5 food hygiene rating. It's what customers want to see. And event or market organisers too for that matter.

Use this hub to find out ways you can prepare to get a level 5 at your next environmental health inspection and for ideas about why and how you should display your rating.

When an EHO comes to call

Everything you need to know about your next hygiene inspection.
> Read When an EHO comes to call

Hygiene inspection checklists

Find out how to get through your EHO's inspection and how to maintain food hygiene
> View the checklist

How to display the sticker in a mobile unit

Struggling to find a place to display the sticker in your mobile trading unit?
> Read 6 ways to display your rating

Why you should display your hygiene rating

Wondering what all the fuss is over these hygiene rating stickers?
> Here's 10 reasons you need to display

NCASS members' inspection plan

As an NCASS member you should be aware that environmental health officers are legally obliged to inspect your business according to the NCASS Primary Authority Inspection Plan.

NCASS members are entitled to ask EHOs to inspect them only to that plan.
> Download it here

Take the FHRS survey

1 minute survey about your FHRS

What's your food hygiene rating? Do you display? Don't you? Tell us about your food hygiene rating... > Take the survey

What is the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme?

In the UK every food business must undergo inspections from the local environmental health team to certify how hygienically and safely they are preparing food. Each inspection will result in a rating being awarded to the business. You could be rated 0 - 5, with 5 meaning your food hygiene standards are 'very good'.

Consumers use hygiene ratings to help them choose where to eat out or shop for food. They use the ratings to tell them how seriously a business takes food hygiene and customer safety.

The food hygiene rating scheme is run by local authorities in England, Northern Ireland and Wales. Scottish local authorities run a very similar scheme called the Food Hygiene Information Scheme. Consumers can search for Scottish business's hygiene ratings on the Food Standards Agency website, just as they can for businesses in England, Northern Ireland and Wales.

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