EIC skilfully oversees tens of thousands of metres and sites, managing around 12 TWh of energy annually, equivalent to almost 5% of the UK’s 2022 total consumption.

Our clients range from single-site SMEs and start-ups to large retailers and public sector organisations, we cover everyone no matter the size of business or organisation.

Rest assured, your energy needs are in capable hands.

Energy Solutions for NCASS Members

NCASS Members can take full advantage of significant energy cost-savings from the following services provided by EIC.

FREE Energy Health Check

The Free Energy Health Check is an in-depth analysis of your business energy usage, requirements and costs. We will perform a systematic audit of your current energy contract and energy invoices.

This will provide you with a thorough report and clear recommendations to cut your costs and consumption.

The savings identified through the Free Energy Health Check are practical and achievable by actions that can be taken immediately.

FREE Consultation

You can book a Free Consultation with us for a tailored energy strategy that is perfect for your needs. During the consultation, we will discuss and better understand your energy requirements in order to design your personalised solution.

The consultation is obligation-free.

Following which, you will receive a proposal addressing your specific requirements, services we can provide and the lower costs you can enjoy.

Again, the proposal is obligation-free, so you are free to decide what’s best for you – no pressure.

Fixed Energy Procurement

With EIC’s Energy Procurement service, you can be sure that you will be saving money while having budget certainty.

We can help remove the uncertainty of the ever-shifting energy prices by securing an energy supply contract that provides your business budget-stability.

Timing is crucial when signing an energy supply contract. Due to the uncertain nature of the current energy landscape, contract renewal dates may not be the best time to lock in to a contract.

A well-timed contract saves money in the long run.

With our Energy Procurement service comes multiple supplier options to pick from, ongoing Account Management support from a Service Delivery team, timely renewals and risk managed procurement proposals.

Meet Dave

David McMullen the EIC Business Development Manager for NCASS members. He brings a decade of experience in procuring and managing business energy. He has a significant focus on assisting businesses of all sizes in the hospitality sector.

When he’s not busy crafting energy solutions for his clients, Dave indulges in his passion for food and drinks, whether they’re of the traditional variety or more exotic, across the UK.

Given his love for exploring different cuisines, he seizes every opportunity to travel and sample the diverse flavours the world has to offer. Dave’s affinity for food can be traced back to his involvement in family-owned pubs from a very early age. Several members of his family have their own pubs.

What sets Dave apart is his commitment to long-term success. He doesn’t believe in quick wins. Instead, he cultivates enduring relationships with his clients based on open communication, trust, and a strong commitment to doing what’s right.

Arrange a call with Dave today!


Unlike other energy consultancies, we are a completely independent entity. For this reason, we are able to provide supply options from a numerous and unrelated group of energy suppliers.

Our energy advice is impartial, allowing you the freedom to make informed decisions for your business. Plus, our track record includes skilfully negotiating cost-effective contracts, ensuring that you consistently receive the best energy prices when you partner with us.

For a smooth transition, it’s a good idea to start exploring your options well in advance, preferably 18 to 24 months before your current supply contract expires.

It’s important to distinguish between an energy supply contract and an energy consultancy agreement. You have the flexibility to switch your energy consultancy while keeping your current energy supplier intact.

Our comprehensive Account Managed service provides our clients with peace of mind across all aspects of their energy procurement. When you choose this service, we’ll assign an Account Manager to you, someone equipped with the expertise and abilities to provide a customised solution that aligns with your unique needs and requirements. These professionals are well-versed in resolving inquiries and are skilled in engaging with energy suppliers to negotiate contracts on your behalf.

The timing for transitioning to a new energy contract is flexible; you aren’t bound by a fixed schedule or renewal date. Given the ongoing high volatility in the global energy market, it’s increasingly crucial to look beyond traditional renewal dates when contemplating a new contract.