Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on 23/3/2020 that much of the UK adhere to self-isolation protocols as a matter of law, many have been left wondering whether they can continue to operate their businesses.

As it stands today, 24/4/2020, food delivery services are still permitted to function, and many are choosing to do so in order to maintain an income.

After today’s announcement from the chancellor in parliament, it’s clear that we can expect measures for the self-employed to be announced at some point this week. However, as we await this information it’s important to carry on pressing for support, which you can do by signing and sharing our petition to #SupportOurSector here.

To trade or not to trade?

As ever, final decisions as to whether you should continue to trade, (within the parameters of the law) sit with you, the business owner. You have a choice to make, and we understand that it’s a highly emotive and personal decision, based on finances, logistics, well-being and the safety of you, your staff and customers.

The guidance document, which the government released yesterday states that “takeaway and delivery facilities should remain open and operational.”

It would seem the government are continuing to allow food businesses to operate at present because they’ve identified a clear need. Many vulnerable and at-risk groups are unable to leave their homes and supermarket delivery services are overwhelmed and unable to meet demand.

Additionally, caterers supplying food to key workers – those in schools, hospital canteens, and banking institutions, to name but a few are also struggling as a result of an increasingly diminished work force in their kitchens/canteens.

Those currently identified as key workers, i.e. doctors, nurses, teachers, supermarket staff, and food workers, including “those involved in food production, processing, distribution, sale and delivery, as well as those essential to the provision of other key goods”; are putting themselves on the front line as it were, so that the British people remain as safe as possible in these exceptional circumstances. They too need food and the energy, sustenance and the morale boost that comes with it and as such, we could possibly see mobile caterers called upon by organisations, or even government to help.

Ongoing Developments

At this moment in time, information and legislation is changing frequently. Rest assured, we will keep you up to date with the latest advice and guidance, as it becomes available. We are doing everything we can to keep you updated and as you can imagine, are currently inundated with enquiries as to how our members can secure clarification from government.

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