Please find out who your MP is here and email them with the subject line: Save the independent and mobile catering sector

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing with urgency to ask you to support our campaign for inclusion in the Chancellor’s rescue package for hospitality.

I run a hospitality business but not from a fixed-premises and as such, I do not qualify for the support or parachute payments of £25,000 offered to the rest of the hospitality or events sector.

Equally, my business does not qualify for the relaxation of planning rules that enable restaurants to repurpose as takeaway delivery services during the Covid 19 control period.

I am not aware of any independent catering business that will receive interruption insurance despite the Chancellor’s welcome intervention.

The mobile and independent catering and bar sector has seen all its markets disappear, from outdoor events, festivals, private functions and street or market trading and as such, we have been shut down and our income streams have gone. We have staff to pay and other obligations, but we are concerned we’ve been overlooked – which will be catastrophic for my business and our industry.

In addition, as I run a very seasonal business, I may not be able to earn an income until next spring, while most other hospitality businesses should return to normal by Autumn. We have five months to earn our living and in those five months, we could be shut down.

Thousands of independent food businesses will close within the next week and many thousands of staff will be laid off. Some will be mothballed; many will never return.

The mobile and independent catering sector does have the capacity to support government efforts to combat Covid-19 by providing affordable, healthy hot meals to emergency workers and to those requiring government support – from school kids on free meals to OAPs. We can provide any food, anywhere, in any conditions. We will not be able to assist if our industry fails in the next two weeks.

I am requesting that you raise an urgent question in Parliament regarding the inclusion of non-business rate hospitality businesses in the Chancellor’s support package so we can continue to trade and keep our staff. Also, to raise awareness that we are here to help the nation, the government and our essential emergency workers by doing what we do, feeding hungry people. Please engage with us at the earliest opportunity so we can do our bit.

Yours Sincerely,

We will continue to publish advice and guidance regarding covid-19 as and when the government’s position changes and/or the situation evolves.

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