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Food Truck - Great Condition, Bought For £39,300. Hardly Used

Street Food Truck Bought for £39,300 - GREAT CONDITION. Over £3,000 worth of kitchen equipment included FREE. Everything you need to run a professional kitchen included with full details below. Saving you huge time and money. Kitchen was fitted new in 2017 by Wilkinson Catering (Pretigious & world renowned food truck converters) at a cost of £31,650 (including £5,000 for the original vehicle). Used for total of around 200 operational days, so it is in great condition and as good as new. Built extremely well, hatches for ventilation and grills are next to large front hatch reducing need for ventilation system (saving a lot of upfront and ongoing costs). x3 gas chamber meaning you always have gas reserves even for those long, busy days when you are serving loads of customers all day. All premium brands used for kitchen equipment, Stainless steel everywhere apart from the floor making it easy to clean and hygienic. Ample storage space above cab (access doors in kitchen) and shelving/cupboards added. Additional upgrade work has been done since original build, adding x2 large shelves for storage and 3-4 small cupboards for equipment/spice storage. Additional essential items include 8 water tanks, commando cables to plug directly into ac, bins, cupboards, professional knives, chopping boards, gastronorm pans and over £1000 of food container/professional storage equipment. I am literally including everything additional that was bought and used to run the van. Ex delivery van, Luton Lo Loaders are built to last forever. New MOT in March and less than 10 miles driven since. 61 plate (2011) with 296500 miles. Amazing value for a large professional kitchen, multiple chefs who have worked in high end restaurants for decades complimented the kitchen size, fit and equipment. One said "It literally has everything you need to run a restaurant". Larger than most food truck vehicles so can fit 4 staff comfortably and grow with your business

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