Fiat 500 Mobile Events Bar

Looking to run a mobile events bar that is totally unique and instantly memorable? A fully set up mobile prosecco bar business in the form of a beautifully converted classic roadworthy 1967 Fiat 500. Comes with two dispensing taps at the back, is one of a kind, makes everybody smile and is a wonderful addition to any event. Has catered for parties, weddings and festivals, all the way up to three-day events like county shows with 50,000 people in attendance. Holds two 20 litre kegs of prosecco. As well as serving prosecco there are lots of cocktails that now come in kegs. Comes with a collapsible wooden bar, gazebo, a cooler, chalkboards, iZettle system, glasses, Based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Contact Details

David Barnwell

Tel. 07771898296


Location: Tunbridge Wells

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