The winter season is a challenge. On one hand there’s Christmas which can be ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ for hospitality and on the other, the months that precede and follow it that can be really tough for our industry. To further support you during the winter season, we have put together a range of practical resources so that you can review your processes and paperwork and plan ahead for 2024. We’ve got checklists, videos, podcasts and inspiration galore for you and your team to work through during the quiet times over winter, so please, take advantage of them and use any down time to get things sorted for the year ahead.

It’s a privilege for us to be able to support our members and we are always here to do that. Thank you for choosing NCASS, we are proud to be part of the industry and work alongside you to create opportunity and growth for our members.

Section One

Risk Assessments: Demonstrate Best Practice 

How to Create a Food Safety Risk Assessment with NCASS Membership Tools

How to Create a Health and Safety / Fire Risk Assessment with NCASS Tools

A Quick Introduction to The Safety Management System

The ‘Winter Ready’ Maintenance Guide for Mobile Businesses

The ‘Winter Ready’ Maintenance Plan for Bricks & Mortar Businesses

Gas Safety: Ensuring the Safe Use of LPG

Allergen Management

Section Two

Making sure your staff have the right training: A Guide

A-Z of training courses

Making sure your team have the right training

Why You Should Invest in Training Podcast 

Section Three

Food Hygiene Rating Scheme

Inspection Checklist

Podcast: Nightmare Food Hygiene Inspections

Podcast: Debunking Food Hygiene inspection myths with a former EHO

Section Four

Guide to NCASS services

Membership checklist – are you missing out?

HR Help: Best practice when it comes to your people

Podcast: Providing A Voice For You

Section Five

Tendering for catering pitches at events

Marketing is everything: Brand Photography

Cost of operating

We are always looking for feedback from you so please get in touch if you have any ideas for resources you haven’t seen on our website, on your member dashboard or in the NCASS Safety Management System.