Caterer Spotlight: Burger & Beyond

Burger & Beyond

With an incredible six locations under their belt, a popular range of DIY kits and a well deserved reputation as one of the best burger restaurants in the country, Burger & Beyond know how to make an impression.

They’ve come a long way from trading out of a Citroen H van and have soared to magnificent heights with locations across the capital; and they aren’t stopping there! We caught up with Craig for a quick fire discussion about all things bricks and mortar, the power of social media and the dish that every customer must try.

What encouraged you to move from mobile caterers to bricks and mortar?

Getting a bricks and mortar place was always a goal of ours and following the great feedback we were constantly getting, it made us push for this even harder.

What do you love most about being bricks and mortar business?

Having your place is by no means an easy feat but there is nothing quite like seeing your name above a door and seeing people come in and enjoy themselves with friends and family. That is what it’s all about.

Do you still cater mobile events?

Yes we do still cater mobile events, and we will always, always love a festival!

What inspired you to create DIY kits?

This is simple! Survival! We had to do this to make it through numerous lockdowns and roadblocks constantly being put in our way during the pandemic. Thankfully they went down a treat and we were able to bring lots of happiness to locked down homes during Covid! It was great because our food and products suddenly became available to people all over the country, so people who had been admiring from afar were now able to experience what we were about.

Your website and Instagram are fantastic with strong impressive branding across both platforms. Why is a notable online presence important for both your business and others within the sector?

As with anything in this day and age having a strong online social media presence is key. You can’t be a success without it! Instagram started initially with people sharing what they’d had for dinner essentially! So for restaurants and food traders, getting your food seen and featured on social media is crucial. We have people follow us from all over the world and when they are in London they message us often and tell us they are coming and make their bookings via Insta! That is the power of social media.

Your story is an incredibly impressive one of growth and development. What are you plans for the future and do you see yourself expanding outside of London?

In all honesty we have lots of plans for the future. At the moment the market is unpredictable and the cost of living I am sure will present us with many challenges. Presently we are focused on making a success of our two newest sites in Soho and Borough and yes, one day we will expand out of London!

Did your membership help the transition from mobile to bricks and mortar?

I think the safety and security of an NCASS membership was always helpful, in terms of getting advice and being part of a network, regardless of whether we were mobile or bricks and mortar.

If you could go back in time, what is one piece of advice that you would give to your younger selves?

Have faith and believe that everything will work out for the best! If you work hard enough and really believe in what you are doing you’re on the right track.

I’ve come down to London to visit, what must I try?

Easy, my favourite will always be a simple BBB which has sort of become our signature burger. It has no gimmicks (except an amazing burnt butter mayo) and the simplicity of the burger really does the talking. Served with some Truffle Tots, a side of fried chicken bites and washed down with a B&B Punch or two!!


You can check out Burger & Beyond yourself here, and for more features on NCASS members click here.

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