Caterer Spotlight: Kiwis Bowls

Dan Eedy’s business journey was dreamt up in the muddy festival fields of the UK whilst searching for delicious, energising smoothie bowls to feast upon in-between watching some of the hottest headliners on stage.

Kiwis Bowl is defined as a brand “created by festival goers, for festival goers” and after a busy summer season of trading at events and seaside locations across Wales in a converted horse box, Dan is busy getting booked up for an action packed 2024.

We caught up with the young entrepreneur to find out more…

Sum up the summer season in one sentence!

A tonne of fun, meeting some amazing people, serving up healthy food in fab locations.

What made you go down the line of kiwis?

Where did the inspiration come from? – I’ve always enjoyed eating healthy food that makes you feel energised instead of weighed down, and wanted to create a brand that provided this for events and festivals. I was making Açaí bowls and smoothie bowls regularly for myself, friends and family whilst at University and realised there was an opportunity, especially in Wales. Kiwis was created and our first full season has been a blast!

What festivals have you most enjoyed this year?

The highlight festival would be The Big Retreat festival in Pembrokeshire, Wales. It’s a fantastic festival filled with amazing people enjoying yoga, fitness, adventures, wild swimming and much more. We had a great time there over 4 days serving up our bowls, and will definitely be returning next year!

If you could trade anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I may be biased, but Wales has some of the best coastline and outdoor scenery, especially in the summer! I’m excited to trade more in Wales for sure. But of course the Caribbean wouldn’t be bad either….

If you could collaborate with any chef/business out there, who would it be?

Starting a festival day with an Acai bowl and a nice barista made coffee is perfect! So I would love to collaborate with a great coffee company at some point in the future.

Short and long-term plans for the business?

It would be fantastic to have another full season in 2024 and continue to grow the brands presence. Longer-term, I would love to increase the amount of festivals we can trade at, with multiple at the same time. I also have some exciting plans for new kiwis products to be available throughout the year.

What made you become an NCASS member and what are the key benefits for you?

NCASS was an obvious choice when setting up the business. They make it so easy for food businesses to ensure everything is in place from the legalities, food hygiene, and general advice. The team on the phone are always very helpful. The other benefits I love are putting you in touch with upcoming events, and the quarterly magazine, which is filled with inspiration every time.

If you weren’t a chef, what would you be?

I wouldn’t actually consider myself as a chef, I just love healthy fresh tasting food, and absolutely love being involved with events and festivals.

What song best sums up Kiwis?

Everybody Loves The Sunshine by Roy Ayers

Finally, after a hard weeks work, how do you relax?

I’d always look to relax by being outside somewhere nice, going for some good food, and watching some sports – live or on the telly.

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