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Fat Snags

Rich Newman founded Fat Snags in 2017. Digbeth Dining Club was well established and Rich saw an opportunity to give the humble hotdog that same mighty makeover that burgers had undergone in previous years.

Altering the stereotype that hotdogs often held in Blighty from burnt bangers on Bonfire Night to one we might associate with gourmet street food offering was no easy feat, but with a budding bangers partnership with Lashford Sausages behind him, alongside a love of proper toppings, Rich got to work making Fat Snags a well-respected institution on the Birmingham food scene and beyond.

“We had one aim…”

To make the best possible hotdogs showcasing local Lashford Sausages. No one was doing hotdogs anymore on the Brum street food scene and we wanted to bring to hotdogs what the local burger boys were bringing to their game – high quality meats, great buns and proper sauces and toppings!

“There’s no hiding” in this business…

We decided after our first event – where we put a, frankly, ridiculous eight toppings on one hotdog – not to put any more than three toppings on them ever again. Because of this, there is no hiding. You have to use the best produce you can find and each element is as important as the others. Lashford’s is great to work with. The sausages they make for us are consistently fantastic and we couldn’t do this without them. Showcasing the best of Birmingham has always been important to us.

“Digbeth Dining Club opened up a lot of doors…”

Getting to be part of the Digbeth Dining Club family was a massive turning point in our business. We started trading with them in February 2018 and we haven’t stopped since. A lovely group of people who put on the very best events in the Midlands. Other events started taking us seriously when they saw we were working with DDC too, so that opened up a lot of doors. We’ve got so much to thank those guys for.

Favourite motto?

Work hard, play hard. Sounds corny, but you get out what you put into this game. We do long hours and big miles, but it all makes it worthwhile when you get to a Monday morning, you’re knackered and can’t move, but you know you’ve done the absolute best you can and you’ve had a banging result because of it.


We’re lucky to work alongside all the very best traders in this game. We’ve collaborated with quite a few, but working alongside The Meat Shack is always special. Cat and Paul are actual family; we’ve done a few pop ups and we did lockdown packs with those guys. Always a blast. Wouldn’t mind working with Rick Stein though!

Half time at Villa Park & St Andrews…

We love the buzz at the footie. It’s always a super quick service and the fans are always absolutely fantastic. We’re confirmed for the Blues again this season and we cannot wait to get back. I’m not a huge football fan so I’ve never really been to any matches before, but the experience has been great for us. We’d defo like to expand our offering to more clubs in the future.

Street food recommendations…

Hand on heart, all the traders we work along are at the very top of their game, and we are lucky to enjoy food from all of them. I can’t name them all but big love to Disco Fries, Kebab Cartel, Patty Freaks, Stripclub Streetfood, Street Chef, Flying Cows, Urban Cheesecake, Filthy Butties, Street Souvlaki, Chefshack, Dick’s Smokehouse, The Meat Shack, Cofton Pizza, That’s Amore, Surf and Slice…the list would take me all day so apologies to anyone I’ve missed!

Your signature dish?

Absolutely love a scratch made lasagne – just my absolute favourite thing to cook and eat at home.

Favourite ways to unwind after a busy week?

Mondays and Tuesdays are our weekends, so we try and get away on a Monday if we can. Relaxing with some good food and some nice wine is a perfect way to destress and relax.

Best advice you could pass on about running a hospitality business?

Be the absolute best you can at what you do. Do not cut corners and be super honest with everyone you work with. Good things come to good people, so be nice!

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