On Sunday 10th May, Boris John addressed the UK, unveiling a “conditional plan” to reopen society. Whilst further guidance and clarification is expected today, Johnson announced that the next stage of the newly introduced Covid Alert System could see “some hospitality businesses” open by 1st July “if the number support it.” Having been one of the sectors severely impacted by the pandemic, the news was surprising for some.

NCASS Director Mark Laurie responded to the announcement: “It’s likely that street food will be one of the first hospitality sectors to re-open as outside-based small gatherings are likely to be the first to be permitted by government, although social distancing will likely limit capacity.

With foreign holidays and mass gatherings likely to be some of the last to return, our colleagues at the Department of BEIS believe there could be a bumper year for camping, glamping and caravan holidays as families look to get away for a summer break while remaining safe. Members based in more rural or tourist areas should contact local caravan parks etc to see if there is any availability for work. Being agile could mean the difference between business success or failure “

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