1 Greater Clarity & Protection

As long as you are following the Assured Advice and Guidance from NCASS’ Primary Authority partners, other Local Authorities can’t ask you to do something different.

If a Local Authority takes or proposes to take enforcement action against your business, and this would be inconsistent with Primary Authority Advice that you are following, your Primary Authority would be able to block the proposed action.

In addition, if another Local Authority has a question about the advice, or a different interpretation of the law, the Primary Authority will liaise with them to resolve the matter.

2 Fewer Inspections

You should be inspected less frequently or less intensively, meaning that you can get on with running your business – protected from the consequences of inconsistent local interpretation of regulations.

Your paperwork will be held centrally on our online database and EHOs will be able to view your documents before they visit you, saving you time and money. Some EHOs may choose not to visit you and send you a self-inspection questionnaire as a result.

3 Potential for more work

Event Organisers could be far more likely to hire Primary Authority Caterers, as it reduces their liability and their risks, whilst giving them confidence about the professionalism of the traders they work with.

Some businesses that are already in the scheme are reporting that advice from their Primary Authority has had significant commercial benefits in reassuring their business customers and helping them to win contracts to supply products.

1 Become a member of NCASS

If you are already a member then great! If not, find out more > Click here

2 NCASS upload your details onto the BRDO (Better Regulation Delivery Office) database

This is a Government Department within the Department of Business Innovation & Skills that is responsible for Primary Authority > Click here

3 You are then part of the Partnership!

As a part of the Primary Authority Partnership you are backed by The Royal Borough of Greenwich and can pass on any disputes or issues to them.

4 EHO’s check the database prior to or during an inspection

EHO’s have to check the database prior to an inspection, and have access to all your documents if they have been uploaded to the system. Therefore when they do attend, they only need to see that you are operating according to the Assured Advice & Guidance.

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