7.5 Tonnes Kitchen Truck

1995 Tv and Film Location catering truck. In 2022 she was working on jobs bringing in in excess of £15,000 per week, so we could afford to buy a new truck and so no longer need her. She’s an investment in your future if you have the money & time and want to break into film &TV location catering. PRICE WITHOUT MOT £3,000 OR IF WE DO THE MOT £9,000 She has worked on hundreds of productions in the last 20 years and she can make you a lot of money. Her PMI was done in Oct 2022 and showed the engine and cab was great but the kitchen body needed £1,500 worth of work. To pass her MOT she’ll need the kitchen floor seals replaced plus about £2,000 on the truck mechanics itself to pass. As we had already bought the new truck, we want to sell her for £3,000 without MOT or if we have to put her through the MOT, £9,000 to cover our time and costs. Her PMI inspection (the UK’s legal HGV inspection) was also done in October 2022 and the report shows the engine and mechanics are great - PMI report available. Milage is 290,000. Because she is so simple mechanically, she’ll just keep on going. Everything is in good working order. She does need a jump start if she’s been left sitting for more than a week. We start her every other day when she’s on location and she’s never failed us. She is slow drive going no quicker than 40 miles an hour. INCLUDED CATERING EQUIPMENT She has fully stainless-steel kitchen interior and rubber flooring. Cooking Large stainless canopy Extraction system Gas failsafe system 12x Gas hobs 2x Large ovens 1x Double fryer 1x Grill 1 x Kitchen Urn Serving 2 x Large bain maries for service Integral service hatch Food Storage 1 x Fridge Large cold store cupboard for dry food, cleaning equipment Washing Up 1 x Integral Boiler Double sink and hand basin Large capacity water urn Gas Supply 3x Built in gas tanks Ix Spare gas bottle 46kg in cupboard with Switch over system between. Safety Kitc

Contact Details

Ms. Emily Williams

Tel. 07888747338

Email. [email protected]

Location: Chepstow

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