Blow Water Crowdfunds for Fixed Site

Blow Water

Birmingham favourite, Sabrina Fung, aka Blow Water brought her incredible East Asian cuisine, a homage to Hong Kong, to Brum back in 2019. Blow Water is dedicated to Hong Kong Culture, connecting the far East with Birmingham through the arts and food. A female-led business, Blow Water has become an irreplaceable part of the independent food scene in Birmingham, catering to private events and popping up at supper clubs, kitchen collabs and cultural events throughout the city. 

Blow Water started as Hong Kong supper clubs with a western twist collaborating with creatives, encouraging people to celebrate social diversity together. Now with the keys to her own restaurant, Sabrina is Crowdfunding to source the funds for the launch.

If you’d like to contribute to getting this independent food business off the ground, then simply click here. 


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