Important LPG Safety Checklists and Training reminder

LPG Safety

Some members may be under the impression that the LPG Safety Checklists that are included as part of the NCASS Daily Diary need to be completed in full each time they trade, however, the checklist only needs to be completed at the start of the trading season or annually if you are operating the same way throughout the year.

The LPG checklists for either gazebos/tents or vehicles/trailers cover all aspects of the LPG setup from cylinders to appliances, so initially take some time to complete because the LPG safety checklists are designed to help members check that their LPG set up is safe and legally compliant and will enable you to demonstrate you have done all you reasonably can to mitigate risk.

The checklist should be reviewed and updated if there are changes to the installation e.g. a new appliance is fitted. Essentially, the checklist should be maintained in a similar way to a risk assessment.

It does not need to be completed in full for each trading day.  Instead as a minimum the opening, connecting, and closing procedures as outlined in the checklist need to be followed when the LPG is used, and you are asked to confirm that they have followed these safe procedures for using your LPG by ticking the box titled ‘LPG Check complete’ in the Daily Diary.

This is the busiest time of year for LPG use and as well as the checklist in your Safety Management System, we have a useful and practical LPG training available for members, the NCASS Safe use of Mobile and Outdoor Catering training course.

If you have any questions about LPG use, please contact us via [email protected] or give our friendly team a call on 0300 124 6866.

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