Making the Most of Euro 2024

Euro 2024

Euro 2024 kicks off on Friday and brings with it a raft of opportunities for independent hospitality businesses.

The sun and sporting competitions are a classic combination, and naturally there will be a much increased appetite to get out and cheer on a game or two as the tournament heats up in Germany.

Using this global reaching event to instigate a boost in your trade isn’t rocket science, but we’ve got some handy tips and suggestions here to help you capitalise on the game.

Tournament football means games galore – often with multiple matches taking place on the same day. You want to make sure you are a potential destination for all of it, so if applicable it is wise to consider altering your opening hours to take advantage of the trade on offer – some matches will kick off from 3pm for example. The chances are that if people have sat with you for the 3pm kick off, they will be likely to stay for the later evening proceedings, which could prove quite lucrative for your business.

In order to do this, one step that can’t be underestimated is advertising. Don’t leave it for people to assume you’ll be broadcasting Euro 2024 – give them no doubt:

Advertise your engagement – if you are going to be screening matches, then let people know! Kick up a fuss on your socials and definitely pursue some physical advertising – a board outside your premises with a football pun, some bunting strung above the door, it doesn’t have to be anything too fancy but make sure people know you are a potential destination during these times.

For mobile traders, think about where you are pitching – can you trade in or near a designated fan zone, or get a temporary residency in a traditional pub that may not be serving food but is showing Euro 2024? Could you even host watching parties of your own with a small TV set up?

Offer some set deals – for example a meal and a drink or two for a set fee, or a multiple offer catering for pairs or groups coming in. Two meals and two drinks for a fixed price, something that guarantees you a bit of trade and gets people in the doors when they are quite likely to spend more. If possible, a pre-order option for these types of offers streamlines your operation, helps to plan stock and manage your output on the day, acting to maximise performance.

Whip up some themed drinks – it’s a prime chance to flex some creative muscles, consider crafting themed drinks that pay homage to the event, or a menu with pun-laden drinks names in a more simple temporary rebrand of your current cohort of drinks. Cocktails are the natural choice for this.

Host events of your own that are centred on the theme – people want to feel as involved as they can with Euro 2024, so think about an event you can throw that is true to the tournament but also representative of your business. A Eurovision style karaoke event for example, where customers can sing songs by or relating to each of the nations competing is a bit of fun that helps to get people further on board. You could charge a small entry fee for this, offer prizes for best singer, craziest costume etc., as well as deals on food and drinks.

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