Member Spotlight: Bentley & Butler

Bentley & Butler

In our latest Member Spotlight feature, we speak to Nick Young of Buckinghamshire based cheese toastie business, Bentley & Butler.

Hi Nick, great to speak to you! So, what was the motivation behind starting up your own street food business?

I’ve always been a keen cook and enjoy cooking up new dishes for family and friends. Catering runs in the family as my father was an amazing cook and my grandfather on my mothers side owned Bentleys oyster and champagne restaurant in London. The connection with my grandfather inspired the name of my business. I was also motivated to start my own business after being very disappointed and frustrated with my choice of courier and was keen to try something I was passionate about.

What made you decide on a horsebox trailer to trade from?

I decided the horsebox was the best option for my catering business because I liked the vintage look. Also, the trailer was less of a financial commitment than a van conversion.

What’s surprised you most about starting up your own business?

What I’ve found surprising is how challenging it has been and how much I have grown personally. Starting a street food business on your own is tough and you have to be determined to make it work.

Tell us more about where you source your produce?

I source my sourdough bread from an artisan bakery which I collect on a weekly. My cheese and other fillings I try to source locally where I can as I’m keen to support local businesses.

What food businesses/chefs inspire you the most?

The chef that really inspired me to start cooking was Jamie Oliver’s and the series the naked chef. It was the fist time I had seen someone I could relate to who was passionate about food.

What are your short and long-term plans for the business?

Short term plan is to increase the number of regular customers at my weekly trading sites, improve and expand my menu. In the long term, it’s very much to expand the business and employ staff.

What event/festival would you most like to trade at?

I’m hoping to attend the “Cop Hill Climb” which is a local classic car event that attracts a huge amount of people.

Would you rather trade on an exotic beach or at a mountain ski resort?

Ski report definitely! I love snowboarding, plus I know toasties would be popular in the mountains…not sure how I would get the horsebox up to a ski resort but I’m always up for a challenge!

Describe Bentley & Butler in 5 words…

Quality, exciting, consistent, unique, different.

What’s your signature dish?

Sourdough, vintage cheddar, mozzarella, bacon and chilli avocado.

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