Member Spotlight: King Baby Bagels

Member Spotlight: King Baby Bagels

One of the most endearing aspects of independent hospitality, is the freedom owners have to sculpt the business in their own image.

In this way independent ventures can often be viewed as extensions of the proprietors – this statement is certainly true when it comes to Newcastle-based bagel emporium King Baby Bagels. We caught up with Joss to find out about life so far in hospitality:

What inspired you to start up King Baby Bagels?
The interesting answer is getting inspiration from a trip to New York, trying out my hand with home baking and then starting with pop ups and a local market.
The honest answer is being sick of my day job and seeing a gap in the market.

What makes the perfect bagel?
Ingredients. Chew. Proofing time. There are a lot of solid bagels out there though. Following the traditional Jewish recipes is always a solid start.

What is the best business lesson you’ve learnt so far?
Stay consistent. Believe in your product.

What do you love most about the independent hospitality sector?
The community is honestly class, we’ve had a bunch of businesses we’ve contacted through socials and had the pleasure of gaining solid knowledge and feedback through. Also, having the freedom to be able to do your own thing and calling the shots yourself is a no brainer.

What item from the menu would you recommend to someone eating with you for the first time?
The OG – salmon and cream cheese, it works nice with fresh tomato.
Tell tale sign of a good bagel sandwich spot.
We like to have ours with our pimped schmear (red onion, capers and dill)

What’s the plan for the future?
Well, we’ve just launched a second location – a residency at Fenwick food hall in Newcastle town centre. But aside from that, possibly another shop, not getting too ahead of ourselves, a new oven would be nice!

How important was creating a unique aesthetic for the business?
Super important. We spend a lot of time at the shop, so we’ve always had the vision of making it a reflection of ourselves and to stand out a bit. A mish mash of tattoos, the Simpsons, skateboarding & lots of pink is our jam.

If you could collaborate with any business, who would it be and why?
Probably something not food related. Our aprons are carhartt so that would be wild, maybe PlayStation for the freebies.


Find out more about King Baby Bagels and follow their journey here.

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