New Immigration Laws Could Hamper Staff Shortages


Proposed new laws around immigration in the UK that aim to raise the minimum salary for a skilled worker visa could have a detrimental effect on what are already concerning staff shortages in the hospitality industry.

The new rules are set to come into effect in Spring next year and would see the earning threshold for a skilled worker visa rise by 50%, as reported in The Restaurant. This would take the threshold from £26,200 up to £38,700 which is a huge rise, and naturally could prove a tough measure on the hospitality industry.

Staff shortages have been well documented in the sector in the recent climate, flaring particularly since COVID-19 lockdowns and the subsequent cost of living crisis, with many establishments struggling to get the staff they need and then to keep the staff they do employ.

The recently announced Autumn Statement (link) revealed how the national living wage is set to be increased from £10.42 to to £11.44 from April next year, which already poses a potential headache for employers and business owners.

This is part of Home Secretary James Cleverly’s five-point plan to clamp down on immigration. Cleverly has told fellow MPs that immigration is “far too high” and is clearly intent on trying to tackle this.

Immigration is an area the current government have taken a hard line with, specifically in recent years, and is topical once again with Rishi Sunak announcing he still believes the plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda can work.


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