Claim Your Calor Cashback Now


The period for submitting your receipts to claim your Calor cashback is now live.

You have until 31st December 2023 to get your receipts in – so don’t delay and submit them now to ensure that you claim all of the cashback you have earned with Calor throughout the year.

If you’ve purchased 13kg (excluding patio), 19kg or 47kg bottles from an independent Calor dealer or a retailer that sells Calor Gas, then upload your receipts before the 31st of December 2023 if you want to claim cashback on your purchases.

Not signed up to the deal? NCASS members can take advantage of 6% cashback when you buy gas directly from Calor or from an independent retailer / dealer. Find out more about how the deal works and how you can take advantage of it here.

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