HR Resources

Below you will find over 30+ how-to guides and templates to help you manage the most common HR processes within your business.

1.1 Job Adverts

1.2 The Interview

1.3 Probationary Periods

1.4 Trial Shifts

1.5 Employing Workers Under 18

2.1a Making the Job Offer

2.1b Making the Job Offer Template

2.2 Creating a Contract of Employment

2.2a Employment Contract Template – Employee

2.2b Employment Contract Template – Worker

2.3a Job Description

2.3b Job Description Template

2.4a Obtaining References

2.4b Reference Request Letter Template

2.5a Pre Employment Documents Template 

2.5b Pre Employment Documents and Checks

2.6 Right to Work Checklist

2.7a Payroll Information Template

2.7b Personal Details and Payroll Information

2.7c Personal Details Template

2.8a Health Questionnaire Template 

2.8b New Starter Health Questionnaire

2.9a Employee Data Privacy Notice 

2.9b Employee Data Privacy Notice Template

2.10 Additional Checks

2.11a Induction for your Employee Template

2.11b Induction for your Employee

2.12a Probationary Period Template

2.12b Probationary Period

2.13 Getting Ready for Payroll

3.1 Attendance and Absence Monitoring

3.2 Managing Holidays 

3.3 Maternity, Paternity and other Family Leave 

3.4 Performance and Conduct

3.5 Dealing with Disciplinaries

3.5 Invitation to Disciplinary Meeting Template

3.5 Outcome of Disciplinary Meeting Template

3.6 Dealing with Poor Performance

3.7 Letting your Employees Go