We’re your most cost-effective procurement partner. Not only do we offer you a procurement software to save you hours of time each month, but we also enable you to club together with other local businesses to increase your purchasing power and negotiate with suppliers.

This is what another NCASS member has said about working with us:

“With Tried & Supplied I have been able to purchase more local, sustainable produce and even save as much as 24% on certain lines. The set up is extremely helpful and it’s easy to get other staff members to draft orders.”

Matt Pearson, Co-Founder of FoxyWings

Our reports mean you can keep on top of price changes and negotiate with suppliers on key volume drivers to deliver significant total basket savings.

You have your choice of suppliers and can work with them directly, but we’re there to support and advise you on anything related to procurement or sustainability.

We’re passionate about driving positive change in the food industry and recognise that sustainability has to go hand-in-hand with profitability. Sometimes this requires creative solutions and collaboration between suppliers. We go the extra mile to make this happen. In some cases, we’ve been able to save our customers over 30% while still improving sustainability. 

We support a whole range of businesses from small independents through to the public sector, where cost control is essential. As part of our ESG reporting, we also produce price change reports and can help you negotiate on the prices that really matter.

If you’re in London, we’re also offering to set up and manage a buying group to reduce costs through collective purchasing power.

We need 10 members involved to get this group started so we’re offering a surprise Tried & Supplied hamper of tasty goodies for the first 10 London NCASS members who sign up to use our purchase software as part of this buying group.

We’ll work with any supplier, but here are a few examples of those already on board:

  • HG Walter
  • London Dairies
  • Stickleback Fish
  • First Choice Produce
  • Hodmedods
  • The Tomato Stall
  • Bidfood
  • Matthew Clark
  • Albion Fine Foods
  • Jude’s Ice Cream
  • Belazu
  • Vegetarian Express
  • Crazy Baker
  • Rubies in the Rubble
  • Evergreen Organic Wholesalers
  • Wholegood
  • Crumbs Brewing

Speak to Tried & Supplied and find out how they can support you with saving money, placing orders, reconciling invoices, calculating GPs, and reporting on sustainability.

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