NCASS’ mission is to help their members succeed by providing the products, services and support so that independent businesses can thrive. With over 30 years of experience, NCASS are the only specialist organisation for independent food & drink businesses in the UK and have been supporting members to be safe, legal and profitable for over 30 years.

Supporting independents in the food & drink industry is what we’re all about at Togather and NCASS are an invaluable resource to so many of our suppliers that it only makes sense to work together.

Many, many of our clients – from large public festivals to private corporates – require paperwork, documentation and insurance that can seem a bit intimidating to time-strapped suppliers, and NCASS are a real lifesaver in terms of making sure that everything is compliant and providing much-needed general support to caterers.

Find out more about how they can help you & to get your exclusive togather discount* by getting in touch with our dedicated NCASS account manager, Alex Mason by filling this form.