NCASS has partnered with ANI to help our members provide clear and transparent allergen & nutritional information.

All NCASS members will receive a 53% discount on the original consultation and onboarding fee.

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What does this look like for NCASS members?

  • Sign Up with ANI – Know Your Food
  • ANI Consultants will undertake the initial consultation and onboard all your information into ANI
  • ANI ensures you sign off all information (you know your food)
  • As an NCASS member we will also maintain the information for you in ANI
  • Your customers can then access via the ANI platform (no download required)
  • The ANI partner interface supports you to manage your information
  • ANI supports partners with PPDS, or those who wish to integrate allergen into your business branding

Check out the ANI platform for yourself

“Finally, a solution that is actually useful for our daily operations.

-Duck Truck, Cambridge

“We think this is great. We have all our staff download it and use it for staff training.”

Beer & Burger, London

“Working with ANI is super easy. They do all the onboarding and it took no time at all”

-The Lime Hutt, London

Serving food has changed and now your customers want the freshest and locally sourced food, transparency of where it came from, ever engaging menus, and the information given to them in a clear and reliable way. ANI is here to help.

‘44% of British adults now suffer from at least one allergy. As many as 20% of the population experience some reactions to foods which make them believe they do have a food hypersensitivity’ – Allergy UK.

This is not something you can ignore. ANI can help you reach this market and be confident in the food you are serving.

We started work on ANI in 2018 driven by our passion for food and desire to provide a solution for the market to Natasha’s law, and Owens Law. We believe that all businesses, no matter what size should be able to use technology to help your customers know your food and make the right choices.

We know how extremely busy you are, and how important and complex allergen management can be. That is why our team will support you in digitalising and maintaining your information on the ANI platform.


We built ANI to enable small businesses with technology solutions. All you need to do is sign up to the exclusive ANI deal for all NCASS members.

  • 53% discount on the original allergen consultation and onboarding fee (you pay just £89 instead of £189)

  • NO menu update fee (usually £30 per update)

  • NO long-term contract

  • Allergen only service – you pay £7 per week (usually £8)

  • Allergen and nutritional information service – you pay £8 per week (usually £9.50)

If you want to know more, please request a call back.

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