Additional Resources

Downloadable additional resources for your NCASS Safety Management System

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Accident Report Form
Our comprehensive accident report form details everything you may need to record about accidents that occur

Allergen Matrix
An essential matrix to monitor the presence of allergens in all dishes. 

Allergen – Individual Product Sheet
For use to monitor the presence of allergens in individual dishes. 

COVID19 Risk Assessment
An overview of Covid-19 specific hazards (risks) and shows the way in which they can be controlled, monitored and corrected

Cleaning Products Register
For use to monitor all cleaning products used by the business.

Delivery Checks
For use to ensure that all appropriate checks are
made upon delivery and to confirm that they meet order specifications.

Detailed Cleaning Plan Template
A comprehensive template for creating a detailed cleaning plan.

Delivery Records
For use to document and record deliveries to the business.

Electrical Safety Checklist
A checklist to assist in assessing the safety of electrical equipment and
electrical supplies used outdoors.

Equipment Breakdown and Repair Record
An essential record to demonstrate appropriate and swift remedial action in the case of faults occurring.

First Aid Needs Assessment Template
A template to assess the First Aid needs of the business.

Gas Safety Checklist – Gazebos, Tents or Marquees
A checklist to comprehensively assesses the safety of LPG use for powering
single or multiple pieces of equipment in gazebos, tents or marquees.

Gas Safety Checklist – Road Vehicles / Trailers
A checklist to comprehensively assess the safety of LPG use for powering single or multiple pieces of equipment in a mobile vehicle/trailer. 

Health/Return to Work Questionnaire
This form will help the FBO or Responsible person to asses staff fitness to work in a food handling environment.

Lone Working Checklist
Use this document to identify where action is necessary to protect lone workers.

Opening and Closing Checks
For use in monitoring the satisfactory completion of all opening and closing checks. 

Planned Maintenance Log
A necessary log to demonstrate that equipment is in good order and condition.

Probe Thermometer Calibration
For use to record the monthly calibration of probe thermometers. 

SFBB vs SMS: Which food management system should you choose?
This guide will highlight the key differences between your SMS and the SFBB. 

Simple Cleaning Plan Template
A generic template for creating a simple cleaning plan.

Supplier List
For use to record supplier details and types of products supplied. 

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TILE Checklist Template
A checklist to assess potential manual handling risks in the business. 

Training Matrix
This form can be used to monitor all staff training. 

Violence at Work Incident Log
Use this document to record any incident where someone is abused, threatened or assaulted in a work situation.

Working at Events Checklist
We know events can be stressful, but here is a handy check list to help relieve those game-day stresses, helping you stay on top of what you need to do before and after your event!